12 December 2016

Burnt Orange Trench Coat | Fall Style 2016 | The Kat Life Style

I am officially back and ready to get into a regular posting schedule. After many months of school and just pure lack of motivation and inspiration I am ready to get back to posting to this blog. I will also be changing the name to The Kat Life as I feel this will incorporate more of what I want to produce and create on this blog. Which is more all-inclusive content and not strictly fashion but more of a positive reinforcement for a vibrant life. I hope to bring you weekly videos and content that will inspire you to live a life not fixed on things but more fixed on feelings and experiences. 

23 June 2016

18 June 2016

Beauty Tips :12hr Work Shift Makeup Video | Kathleen Hicks

I apologize for the silence here on the blog but I have been catching up with school work and also because it has been so fricking hot here in North Carolina every time I want to go take photos its 90 degrees and humid as ever.  Today I bring you this simple every day makeup look that I wear every time I go to work at the hospital. I work 12 hour shifts at night this has been my ride or die makeup look. It's super easy and doesn't involve a lot of products. I have listed all the products used the the description box of the video. Also don't forget to subscribe HERE to my YouTube Channel.


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