30 April 2015


I am loving the this warm weather aside from the crazy rain storms that pop up every now and then. And with warm weather comes some cute new Spring and Summer items to wear out on the weekend on the lake, out on the town or just hanging out by the pool. Since the closet clean out of 2015 I am slowing finding new items that I truly love and that fit my body but also are versitile that I can mix and match with current items in my closet. The top I am wearing is actually a crop ruffle top I just added a black tube top underneath for a more day to day look and these loose plazzo pants are amazing they aren't sewn shut and they have a slit that goes all the way to the top but are layered so your not flashing people when you walk hahaha. This is a great feature because they will be perfect for those hot days when shorts just won't cut it. I am so in love with every thing about this outfit and I already have a lot of different outfits I can mix and match it with. 

Do you shop more for an at the moment item or long term wear item?

outfit details
Ruffle Crop | Ohm Boutique
Pants | Ohm Boutique
Jewelry | House of Polynesia

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17 April 2015

Links to Love 4.17.15

Aloha Friday! This week has definitely been one of those weeks were I thought more and more about what I want from life and how I can obtain it. I have been taking in to consideration the balance that is finding a career I enjoy, getting paid enough to be comfortable but still have the ability to live a life of enjoying the fruits of my labor. I know, I wasn't kidding about thinking deep. Any hoo on to the links I hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful weekend see you Monday:)

Links to Love

~ If you don't know what cultural appropriation is watch how Rue from Hunger Games explains it  Amandla Stenberg: Don't Cash Crop On My Cornrows 

~ I love finding other bloggers of color because I can see my self in there post alot more easily than others and these girls are slaying it. Ashleigh of The Daileigh & Miss Enocha of Locks and Trinkets

~ When I can't sleep I tend to scroll through instagram looking for new creative people or cute clothing shops to follow and Ohm Boutique is one of them. I have already bought 4 things from there and they seriously speak to my animal spirit when it comes to style, check them out on instagram and their website.

~ So incase I haven't dislosed this I love, I mean love reality tv and one of my favorite shows is back...Teen Mom OG....judge me if you must or catch up so we can have something to talk about:)

Well thats my links for the week, if you have any links to share leave them in the comments below I would love to read them:)

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10 April 2015

Links to Love 4.10.15

Don't you love it when the week goes by so quickly that Friday almost sneaks up on you:) Welcome to Links to Love were I share with you my favorite links from the past week and hope you find some things interesting as well. 

Have a wonderful Aloha Friday!

Links to Love

~ I am on the hunt for a bright full maxi skirt and this one from the Style Pantry is gorgeous!  

~ Such a great Podcast from Courtney over at Think & Grow Chick, as she talks about Why You Should Start Now (even if you don't know how). She also has other awesome post you should check out:)

~ After a deep cleaning of my closet I am slowly looking around and trying to find some basic items that I can build on and I am literally obsessed over Missguided. Super cute clothes, simple styles and at great prices, it's worth checking out.

~ I love finding new YouTuber's to follow especially ones that have amaze ballz editing skills/just straight up creativity. Claire Marshall from HeyClaire is that person, I am almost finished watching all of her videos...and you should watch them all too:)

~ Also in case I am not here posting and stuff you can follow me over on my Instagram and Twitter

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09 April 2015


Reggae music has always been a huge part of my life growing up, I would hear it in the car, school, grocery store, the beach,  it was pretty much everywhere. And local Hawaiian reggae music has a lot of influence from Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, and many other Jamaican Musicians. It is a genre of music that to me brings me to a more mindful place. Many people see Bob Marley as a Jamaican Musician who smoked weed made some songs and then died, but he was so much more than that. He was Bi-racial growing up in the rural parts of Jamaica during a time when mixed children were looked down on. He was a peace keeper between the many poor black Jamaican citizens and the aristocratic white government. He ate, slept, drank, and breathed music, I devoured the documentary that is currently on Netflix about his life, it was amazing to see him work and hear his close friends and family give their testimonials about him and his passion for life. So I wanted to share some life lessons I took away from the film.

The 5 Life Lessons I Learned From Bob Marley

I am guest posting over at Bree's Quirky Brown Love Blog head there to read the rest of the post.

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08 April 2015


I work well when I have background music or chatter. What makes it even better is when I actually learn from it and/or laugh loud enough where people think I am slightly crazy...story of my life. Any hoo I wanted tell you about 3 awesome podcast that will do one of 2 things 1) inspire you to take control of your life or 2) you laugh enough where it is not physically possible to eat or drink while listening. Both are great benefits.

1) Myleik Teele is seriously one of my favorite people I look to for motivation and inspiration. She owns the very popular CurlBox.com which is a monthly hair product subscription site for women of color.I first found here on instagram and was hooked, she has such a clear way of presenting straightforward thoughts that make you think a little deeper. She gives great advice on how to pursue your dreams and how to make an impact in your career.

2) Next up is Another Round with Heben and Tracy. So weather your comfortable talking about race or not I think this is a great podcast that every one can benefit from. They have a good balance with getting down and dirty with talking about race in America and having a good laugh about how we deal with race as well. I like to listen to this podcast in the morning sipping my coffee and catching up on emails.

3) Buzz Feed's Internet Explorer is so random but totally hilarious. Ryan Broderik and Katie Notopoulos troll the internet and find the most random things that are huge with in their specific niche. It is so funny because even with the random information I still end up learning a lot of stuff I never knew existed. This podcast as well as Another Round just started so you can easily catch up before their next episode. I also love listening to this as back ground noise while at work, it keeps in a great mood.

I hope you get a chance to check out these awesome podcast. Until next time:)

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