08 April 2015


I work well when I have background music or chatter. What makes it even better is when I actually learn from it and/or laugh loud enough where people think I am slightly crazy...story of my life. Any hoo I wanted tell you about 3 awesome podcast that will do one of 2 things 1) inspire you to take control of your life or 2) you laugh enough where it is not physically possible to eat or drink while listening. Both are great benefits.

1) Myleik Teele is seriously one of my favorite people I look to for motivation and inspiration. She owns the very popular CurlBox.com which is a monthly hair product subscription site for women of color.I first found here on instagram and was hooked, she has such a clear way of presenting straightforward thoughts that make you think a little deeper. She gives great advice on how to pursue your dreams and how to make an impact in your career.

2) Next up is Another Round with Heben and Tracy. So weather your comfortable talking about race or not I think this is a great podcast that every one can benefit from. They have a good balance with getting down and dirty with talking about race in America and having a good laugh about how we deal with race as well. I like to listen to this podcast in the morning sipping my coffee and catching up on emails.

3) Buzz Feed's Internet Explorer is so random but totally hilarious. Ryan Broderik and Katie Notopoulos troll the internet and find the most random things that are huge with in their specific niche. It is so funny because even with the random information I still end up learning a lot of stuff I never knew existed. This podcast as well as Another Round just started so you can easily catch up before their next episode. I also love listening to this as back ground noise while at work, it keeps in a great mood.

I hope you get a chance to check out these awesome podcast. Until next time:)

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