30 April 2015


I am loving the this warm weather aside from the crazy rain storms that pop up every now and then. And with warm weather comes some cute new Spring and Summer items to wear out on the weekend on the lake, out on the town or just hanging out by the pool. Since the closet clean out of 2015 I am slowing finding new items that I truly love and that fit my body but also are versitile that I can mix and match with current items in my closet. The top I am wearing is actually a crop ruffle top I just added a black tube top underneath for a more day to day look and these loose plazzo pants are amazing they aren't sewn shut and they have a slit that goes all the way to the top but are layered so your not flashing people when you walk hahaha. This is a great feature because they will be perfect for those hot days when shorts just won't cut it. I am so in love with every thing about this outfit and I already have a lot of different outfits I can mix and match it with. 

Do you shop more for an at the moment item or long term wear item?

outfit details
Ruffle Crop | Ohm Boutique
Pants | Ohm Boutique
Jewelry | House of Polynesia

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